Update your interiors with these 5 sizzling summer trends

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a whole new look. Make use of the longer days and the lighter nights by donning your decorating dungarees and updating your interiors with some of these upcoming trends.

Ice cream colours

We have seen ice cream colours on the spring/summer catwalks, and now it is time to bring them into the home. If you are someone who struggles to choose a favourite ice cream flavour do not be surprised to find that you will also struggle to choose a favourite colour. In that case, why not have them all and create a gelato-style colour palette that suits your taste. Make one colour the focus and introduce the others into the room with accessories. If you are feeling extra brave, you might even want to choose pastel-hued dining chairs.

Tropical prints and accessories

It totally makes sense that tropical prints would be a summer trend. This is something that works both inside and out, so if you are looking to do over your decking one weekend, then this is the trend for you. Tropical leaf prints and palm tree motifs are always popular so you should expect to see them in most high-street homeware stores this year.

Geometric shapes

Geometrics were a big hit last year, but they mainly graced soft furnishings like cushions and throws. This year it is all about geometrics on tiles and wallpaper. Geometric shapes epitomise Scandinavian design, so if you are someone who has jumped on the Hygge bandwagon, this is a pattern trend you might want to embrace.

Dark woods

Take your furniture to the dark side. Pale, bleached woods are out, and darker wood tones are in. Find a piece that sums up the resurgence of retro glamour that is taking hold in the interior design world, but make sure that you are complementing it with the right finishing touches. For example, metallic handles and legs work well to add some glam and pieces that fuse different coloured woods together tend to be more sophisticated than a standard one tone item that might get lost in the room without your help.

Artisan textures

Texture is huge this season so if you’re someone who always has to stay on trend in the home we recommend that this is the one you pay most attention to. Update your furniture to pieces that are made from natural materials such as rattan and wicker and, although they may not be centre stage, make sure your textiles have raw edges, embellishments and applique details. Playing with textures and materials in the home can help to create a homely feel, and you would be surprised at how something very simple can transform a space.