Together + Staff Care

Posted on Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Together Property Management will always endeavour to delivery the highest levels of customer service, and in return we expect our customers to treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

There may be times that we are unable to meet the expectations of our customers and whilst this may cause some distress, in a small number of cases this has lead to customers acting in an inappropriate  and unacceptable manner towards our staff. As a result, we have taken to publish our ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’ to clarify how we will act on these occasions.

Tim Roberts, Director stated that “remote working during the pandemic period has put more stress on our workforce as they do not have their team around them to support them during difficult calls, impacting on the staff member’s mental health. Publishing this statement goes a long way to show how we will support our staff in making the decisions in handling these situations.”

Full details of the policy is available here